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  • Drafting letters of appointment.
  • Assisting with employee grievances.
  • Drafting contracts of employment.
  • Managing employees’ misconduct, poor performance and incapacity.
  • Drafting disciplinary documents, including suspension letters, warnings, charge sheets, etc.
  • Chairing disciplinary hearings.
  • Drafting company policies and procedures.
  • Preparing for CCMA conciliations and arbitrations.
  • Handling all restructuring and retrenchment proceedings.
Human Human Resources and agreements

Your business is the greatest investment you have, which is why you need to protect it if you want to succeed. When you outsource your Human Resource and Industrial Relations functions to CLS, you will have more time to invest in the expertise and products you provide and will spend less time on compliance and the management of employees. It is important that businesses are kept up to date with the latest developments with regards to employment laws and new legislation. CLS will not only help your business to comply with the complicated labour laws, but also offer expert advice and services which include the following: Recruitment, managing of misconduct and poor performance, drafting of policies and procedures, chairing of disciplinary hearings, preparing for your CCMA cases and performing any other Human Resource and Industrial Relations functions which is unique to your business.

Human Resources resolutions around table


  • Assisting with internal recruitment and selection.
  • Shortlisting and interviewing.
  • Checking references and conducting background checks (criminal records and qualifications).
  • Conducting psychometric assessments to ensure the ideal candidate is selected.


  • Practical payroll processing.
  • Monthly statutory submissions (EMP201).
  • Registering with the relevant authorities (PAYE/UIF/SDL/COIDA).
  • Creating electronic payslips for employees.
  • Managing leave.
  • Submitting EMP 501 (annually and bi-annually).
  • Annual IRP5 certificates.
  • Biannual IRP reconciliation and submissions to SARS (EMP501).
  • UIF declarations.
Recruitment and Human Resources

With today’s decline in economic growth and political uncertainty, starting a business can be stressful. The aim of CLS is to assist these business owners to grow their businesses during these challenging and unpredicted times.  Recent statistics show that up to 80% of small businesses fail each year, with poor financial management and non-compliance as the leading causes. The question then arises: Can you afford to hire a permanent payroll administrator? Outsourcing your payroll to CLS will reduce your overhead costs, while allowing you to focus on your core business. CLS will provide you with a cost-effective way of paying your employees, as well as assisting you with income tax, pension contributions, medical aid, UIF and various other compliant regulations. CLS will ensure that your payroll is 100% correct and compliant.

Accounting Services


  • Processing financial information (invoices, bank statements, petty cash, etc.) in the accounting system.
  • Compiling financial statements that comply with IFRS or IFRS for SMEs.
  • Completing and submitting VAT returns (VAT201).
  • Management Accounts.
  • Performing bank reconciliations.
  • Independently reviewing financial statements.
  • Taxation and tax planning.
  • Personal Income Tax
  • CIPC services.

Many small businesses fail within the first few years, and if you are a small business owner without an effective accounting system in place, you risk falling into serious cash-flow problems. Business owners are not necessarily experts in financial statements and solving financial problems with accuracy and reliability is a time-consuming process. Therefore, you need to partner with a reputable accountant. Every successful business owner recognises that, either outsourcing accounting services or hiring a full-time accountant, is vital for business success. That said, full time accountant salaries are high and a business needs a reputable accountant it can afford. The most cost-effective option is to outsource your accounting services to CLS and save the money you would have spent on a full-time accountant.

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