Agreement over Employment Equity Plan

Employment Equity

Every designated employer is required to design and implement an employment Equity plan. The purpose of this plan is to enable the employer “to achieve reasonable progress towards employment Equity”, to assist in eliminating unfair discrimination in the workplace, and to achieve equitable representation of employees from designated groups by means of affirmative action measures.  An … Read moreEmployment Equity

Discipline or Counsel

To discipline or to counsel?

There still seems to exist grey areas in deciding whether to apply a disciplinary procedure or a counselling procedure. Disciplinary procedures are applied where an employee has broken a rule or standard in the workplace, and where it can be shown that the rule or standard was in place, and was known to the employee, and … Read moreTo discipline or to counsel?

Chess pieces representing dismissal procedure

Dismissal for poor performance

Dismissal of employees and company executives for poor performance can be justified by the fact that employees are paid to do their jobs properly. While the law allows employers to decide what the proper standards of performance are, the employer will, if taken to the CCMA, be required to prove that: – the employee knew … Read moreDismissal for poor performance

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